Villa renovations nz

Working on old houses or villas requires special building knowledge.

The builders at Trade Guys have the experience and expertise and will help you work with your villa renovation or restoration to get the results you’re looking for!


The reality of a an old villa restoration can be likened to the great quote from Forrest Gump – “its like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”.  The element of the unknown factors in villa restorations or old home renovation projects are often challenging.

We can anticipate what we will find before we start opening walls and floors, but like the saying goes, you never know what your going to get. Hiring an experienced Auckland builder allows you better anticipation of the extent of work as many builders may not know what to look for when renovating an old villa.

Villa restoration nz

Some areas we keep an eye out for –

– Roofing. What condition is a roof and rafters in? Is it in need of a simple clean, patching or will require a new roof?
– Leaks. Is there any water damage or rot present? What is the extent of the water damage? Has it reached anything structural?
– Siding/Cladding/weather boards. What condition are these in? Is there any rot? Is it a profile that’s still being used or will customization be required?
– Foundations. Are they level or need some re piling?
– Plumbing. How old is the pipe work, what condition and what changes are needed to modernize. Will new bathrooms or ensuites need plumbing in?
– Electrical. Most likely a rewire is required if the house is old and new switchboard to cope with modern day appliance reliance? Additional lighting, power outlets and data points.
– Flooring & stairs. After years or use there are most likely areas that need to be touched up, replaced, squeaks stopped or refinishing
– Interior. How to make a an old villa modern but yet still keep its essence?

Its the ability to deal with the building challenges and finding the solutions which is key.

What sets the Trade Guys renovation & restoration team apart from other builders is our experience in dealing with these challenges and our combined knowledge of building, electrical, plumbing & painting to suggest solutions and overcome villa restoration challenges which work for everyone.

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