Do you want to build a Sleepout? Get in touch with us! Trade Guys can guide you through the process and build that extra space you need!

Adding a sleepout to your existing property can be a cost-effective solution to a space problem, and also add value to your property. It might even earn you a little extra income. With rental prices of anywhere between $200 and $600 a week, sleep-outs can be a great idea if you’re looking for a long-term return on investment. Not only that, but a sleep-out can make your property a far more attractive and stand out from the competition when it comes to selling. A sleep-out that isn’t in keeping with the design of the existing property or encroaches too much on the garden may actually end up devaluing the property, so use common sense and install something that fits your property.

Exemptions to the Building Act, which will be introduced in August, will mean that anyone can build a sleep-out, a carport, or a shed, without needing council permission.

What that means for you? Our professional and qualified builders can construct an outdoor sleepout, cabin,shed or space to your exacting requirements without having to go through the expense of architects and council consent processes and costs.

What is a sleepout?

A sleepout or cabin: Is separate from the main house
can be used as an extra accommodation, a hobby room, home office or storage
does not contain cooking, sanitary facilities or drinking water supply.

Did you want extra space for the kids or extended family? Now is the time to chat to us and build that space you need!

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