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Costs to renovate a house

Home renovation costs may be difficult to accept after buying the average NZ home, but if you’re the proud homeowner of a classic kiwi fixer-upper (or even if you’re the proud owner of an older Villa that needs some work), you may be wanting to put your stamp on the property and make some updates.

So the immediate thought that crosses everyone’s mind is: How much does it cost to renovate a house in Auckland? Knowing what to expect ahead of time is vital, otherwise you may open yourself up to home improvement plans that are bigger than your budget.

Before you decide to put a hole in the wall you want to remove, have a look at the basic costs on how much your dream home renovation will set you back.

How much should I budget for a house renovation?

  • Small Budgets ($25,000 to $55,000): A small renovation would likely include interior painting, small repairs (like holes in walls) and updating a bathroom &/or kitchen.
  • Medium Budgets ($56,000 to $95,000): A more involved renovation would include upgrades to the above, such as full tiled shower bathroom, plus a total kitchen remodel (depending on appliances) and interior painting.
  • High Budgets ($96,000 and up): A large renovation give you options for a full interior and exterior painting, interior layout alterations, renovating the bathrooms & kitchen to your desired specifications and you can start thinking about house extensions.

How much does a whole house renovation cost?

Here’s what homeowners can expect to pay in home renovation costs for an average-sized Auckland home.

  • Bathroom: A full bathroom renovation typically costs about $18,000 + gst and upwards depending on what the clients wants and needs are. A tiled frameless shower and bathroom upgrade starts at $28,000 + gst.
  • Kitchen: The average cost of a basic kitchen renovation is $20,000 + gst. If a kitchen only needs minor upgrades like updating a benchtop, doors and hardware, renovations should start at around $10,000 + gst. A full strip out and start again can reach more than $80,000, depending on the quality of materials and appliances installed.
  • New roof: If you have an old iron roof that’s rusting, a new one will cost you around $50,000+ gst depending on a variety of factors such as height, type, design and size.
  • New flooring: You might want to spruce up your home renovation with new carpet. Carpet costs $50 -$100 per square meter on average + laying. Installing new solid wood floors will cost $120 + gst per square meter and only goes upwards depending on quality, colour and type + installation. Laminate, which is less expensive, will set you back anywhere from $15+ gst per square meter to $150 + gst per square meter + installation.
  • Electrical upgrades: the average kiwi home for modern living generally needs an electrical upgrade. Expect a switch board upgrade, more power outlets, better lighting in the kitchen and bathroom and if its an older home a rewire. Electrical upgrades generally start around $3000 + gst and go upwards. House rewire for the average size home start at around $9000 + gst.
  • Recladding: Any great villa remodel includes the builder fixing up the old rotten weatherboards. Putting new weatherboards on your home runs to an average of $30,000 + gst.
  • Paint: With health & safety rules, you’ll likely need to scaffold around the home, so an interior/exterior paint could start at $30000 +gst
  • Asbestos report. Under the current legislation, any renovation to a home built pre 2000 requires an asbestos report before works can start. This will cost $500 + gst upwards. More information here
  • Architect & Council Costs: Many renovations in Auckland require a council consent. To obtain a consent you’ll need architectural drawings. These cost on average $7000 to $12000 + gst
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