Renovation and Extension Appraisal

How A Renovation or House Extension Appraisal Helps You Understand Your Projects Costs.

Whether you’re looking to renovate or extend right now or later down the track, it’s definitely beneficial to find out what the building costs could be before you start.

A Renovating or building an extension appraisal will estimate your projects value and give you an idea of what could be involved.

Let’s find out more about how appraisals work.


How much does renovation cost

This is probably the all time #1 question we get everyday.

Put simply, we wont know until we get more details of what you want to do. Its more than likely that you wont want to invest in Architectural plans without knowing what your project will cost, your bank wont lend money until you can get a firm quote, and builders cant give you a fixed price quote until the plans have been consented by council. So what do you do?

You need to get a house extension or renovation appraisal done so you have an idea of what cost may be involved before you get started.

How does a Renovation/Extension appraisal work?

A renovation appraisal is an obligation-free discussion between an experienced Trade Guys Renovator and yourself that aims to estimate what your project concept costs could be. The Trade Guys Rep has a wide range of experience in building, renovating and extending and can give you great advice on what may or may not be allowed, how to build things better, what is possible- or what may not, or guide you through what council issues may arise.

Their concept appraisal will be an informed guide to costs by discussing your ideas directly with you onsite.

Some factors that will be taken into consideration when appraising your property are:

A renovation appraisal is an estimate of what your project could cost in the current market.

What’s the difference between a renovation appraisal and a building quote?

Building Quotes, unlike renovation appraisals, are only able to be provided based off Council Consented Plans. Building Quotes are used for more formal purposes such as when applying for a mortgage, applying for building finance or fixing the price of a building project with a set specification and definitive project outline.

A renovation appraisal is only an estimate of what your project could cost in the current market, before you invest in plans, finance or building consents, using the Trade Guys Expert Renovations knowledge and a consideration of the factors listed above. It is not definitive and cannot be used for legal purposes. Rather, it is designed to gauge current market building costs and give you an understanding of where you stand, what your renovation or extension may cost, and how to go about building it.

When should you get a renovation appraisal?

You should get an appraisal if you simply wish to know what it costs to renovate or extend your home, before you get plans done or apply for finance.

How can you get a renovation appraisal of your property?

Just give us a call or email and we will arrange a suitable time to meet with you onsite at the dwelling you wish to renovate (Business hours only)

What you get:

  1. 60 Min with an experienced renovation expert to discuss your ideas
  2. Written cost appraisal of your concept renovation or extension based off your ideas
  3. Guidance as to what to do next including possible architectural & council costs

Cost is $468 + gst

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