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Established in 1999, Trade Guys has more than 20 years experience creating a assorted range of home extensions and renovations across Auckland.

With single- and double-storey home extension experience, we’ll turn your ideas into additions that add value to the home you already love.


House Extensions

Established in 1999, Trade Guys has more than 20 years experience creating a assorted range of house extension and renovations across Auckland. We take a personalised approach to all our house extension projects and work closely with our clients from the outset to ensure we have a clear understanding of what they are hoping to do with their homes.

Trade Guys is a family-owned building company. We are passionate about what they do and relish helping Auckland clients improve their quality of life through custom renovations, extensions and home improvement.

Unlike other  Auckland  house extension builders, when working with Trade Guys, our clients benefit from one point of contact, with the project managers  themselves from the initial meeting and right throughout all phases of the design, construction and completion of projects. Trade Guys we go the extra mile to make the entire home extension process as seamless, personalised and stress-free as possible.

Kitchen Extensions

The kitchen is an area that brings everyone together several times each day. If your current kitchen is lacking in size, functionality and storage, this will reduce your ability to live and entertain the way you want to. Even a small kitchen extension, including a kitchen renovation (if required), has the potential to add considerably more value, space and functionality to your home. It’s a commonly known fact that kitchens sell houses; so by investing in a kitchen extension, not only will you be improving your quality of life in your home but also increasing its value. From budget-friendly solutions through the latest designer kitchens featuring walk-in pantries, stone benches and high end appliances, we are committed to bringing the highest standards of quality and service to all our kitchen extension projects.

Bathroom Extensions

If your existing bathroom is too small for your needs, or you need an extra bathroom to give everyone more privacy, a bathroom extension could change the way you live in your home. For many homes, it is often possible to add an en suite bathroom off a bedroom by creating a small extension to the side of the home. You may be amazed what can be put into a relatively small space and the difference adding a small bathroom can make to your everyday life. Whether you’re considering increasing the size of your existing bathroom or creating additional bathroom spaces, Trade Guys can help. As one of the best builders in Auckland, we specialise in creating fully customised bathroom extensions, home extensions, renovations and new home buildsfor our clients.

Bedroom Extensions

As families grow, many home owners find themselves wanting a bit more space and additional bedrooms. Whether this is for young children who are sharing a room and need their own space, or to create a hide away for a teenager, or even an indulgence for an owner  to add a new master bedroom extension has potential to add considerable functionality and add value to your home. It’s known,  the more bedrooms a home has, the higher price it will fetch when it comes time to selling. By adding additional bedrooms to your home, you are not only investing in your own comfort and lifestyle, but also investing  in your most valuable asset. Trade Guys has more than 20 years’ experience creating fully customised bedroom extensions across Auckland. We can draw on our in-depth expertise to assess your home and talk you through the possibilities.

Single Storey Extensions (Building Out)

Building a single storey extension is one of the most popular ways Auckland home owners choose to increase the size of their homes. If you have  a large enough piece of land, a single storey extension is a great way to add additional space, functionality and value to your home. Single storey extensions can include everything from a single room, such as a games room, bathroom or bedroom, right through to expansive kitchen/living/dining rooms that effectively double the original footprint of the home. At Trade Guys, we work with clients across Auckland to create fully customised single storey extensions designed to deliver maximum style, liveability and value for money.

Double Storey Extensions (Building Up)

If you are limited on space in your  home and only have a small property to work with, then a double or even triple storey extension is a great option (With the right council zoning). By adding a double storey extension to create additional bedrooms, a parents’ bedroom lounge, children’s play area or home entertainment room, in many cases extra space can be freed up on the original level to increase the size of kitchen and living spaces. Whether you’re thinking of a modest double storey extension to add one additional bedroom or a complete extension and renovation of your entire house, Trade Guys can help. As a leading Auckland builder, we specialise in all types of home renovations, extensions and conversions. We work with a diverse and highly skilled team of Architects and tradesmen so can create options specific to each client’s needs and budgets.

Lift and Build Under Your Home (Building Down)

When considering an extension, a possibility for some Auckland home owners is to build under the existing home. For homes that are built on footings, it is possible to lift the house using much taller foundation piles, thereby raising  the height of the home and creating extra space in which to build under it. This can be a great approach for clients wanting to create a carport, homes cinema, mancave or home entertainment area or additional bedrooms.

At Trade Guys, we approach every project with an open mind; ready to listen to each client’s needs and understand the unique characteristics of their property.

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