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Great builders in Auckland are hard to find!

Many home renovators just pick random builders off the internet because they have a colourful logo or a name that tickles your fancy which isn’t the best way to go about it. Neither, is entrusting the process to an internet based middle-man quote service who don't guarantee anything, but clip the ticket anyway. It’s really important to do a bit of homework for yourself. Talk through quotes with the people providing them, thoroughly check references and credentials, and find someone you believe you can genuinely work well with.

Here at Trade Guys, we have been in the building business since 1999, have vast building experience and would welcome the opportunity to work with you on your building quote.

Having worked with hundreds of clients to create renovations and extension across Auckland, we have the knowledge and experience that it takes to complete a project that our clients are proud to live in.

Your choice of builder is critical. The role of a builder is to coordinate the building works as project manager. This role includes supervising and coordinating each trade; sourcing, quantifying and coordinating delivery of materials; and, most importantly, quality-assuring the entire process.

Renovations & Extensions can be a significant investment and you need to manage risk by using tried and proven materials and practices. Exceptional outcomes often require the use of innovative materials and practices which only comes with experience. Understanding what the client wants, using the right building materials, and anticipating any challenges in advance, ensures the clients renovation or extension is a smooth flowing, on time, on budget project.

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Reason’s for choosing us for a Building Quote:

Superior Build Knowledge – Trade Guys has the experience you need on your project- There isn’t much we haven’t seen or done
Prevent risking wasting more time and money down the track by doing things the right way
Quality – we never use substandard quality material or equipment 
Peace of mind – our Guys have the correct qualifications.
Honest & Affordable Service

We welcome you to talk to us about a no obligation building quote, please feel free to use the email form below or contact us directly at [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.

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