Renovate to Sell

Whether you’re renovating to sell your home for maximum profit, or simply adding value for the future, there are some home renovations that add more value than others.

Nearly every home that is going to enter the property market will need a 'make over' in some way. Renovation is essential to win viewings, stand out from the competition and maximise sale price.

If you are renovating to profit, need a minor facelift or major overhaul, we take care of it on time and on budget – ensuring a quality home renovation to help add value to your home.


Trade Guys Builders &  Renovations will give your property extra value before sale. There are generally 5 areas of home improvement that can turn your renovation into profit.

Ideally, you are looking for renovations that refresh and add value to your home.  The areas of most impact and bang for buck are gardening and landscaping improvements, interior cosmetic improvements like having the timber floorboards re-polished; a fresh coat of paint inside and out; or replacing dated taps or cabinetry hardware with new ones. If the kitchen and bathroom are looking tired, then its time to upgrade.

Cosmetic Improvement (paints and finishes)

The simplest, fastest way to improve your home and to add significant value is to paint the interior & exterior.

Painting is one of the easiest things you can do yourself, but ensure its a good finish. Streaks and runs on walls may quite visible and devalue your home, so be sure you do a good job, or hire a professional. You’ll find that a professional can give you a great paint job much faster and to a higher standard than doing it yourself. Generally paint homes with neutral colours – having that funky bright red feature wall may not be attractive to your potential buyers.

A fresh coat of paint does wonders for brightening a room and removes those signs of wear and tear.

Landscaping and decking

Your garden is likely to be the first thing buyers see, so make that first impression count. Remove all the over grown trees and weed the garden. The broken path to the front door may look better with new concrete or fresh tiles. Planting a few new trees, flower bed or plants will also look more welcoming to prospective buyers.

That old rotting deck with the unstable handrails will need to be repaired or replaced. Adding some new decking around a common area for entertaining is also an option if the space is visually appealing and suitable for a bbq area or outdoor summer alfresco dining. Focus on improving the overall visual appeal of your outdoor space.

Bathroom makeover

Internal moisture in a home is something everyone is aware of these days and looks for when purchasing. Signs of moisture or mould, chipped tiles and worn bathroom fittings can date your bathroom and can be a serious turn-off for buyers and will devalue your home.

Low light is also an issue in many older bathrooms, so adding additional lighting around mirrors and makes a huge improvement.

Families now days look more than one bathroom, so if you have the time and budget, add an additional bathroom which will appeal to a greater pool of buyers and give good returns on investment.

Kitchen upgrade

The kitchen is heart of the home and in most modern homes, the entertainment area. As such, the kitchen area receives the most wear and tear.

The first thing on many home buyers’ look for is a modern, well designed kitchen, with plenty of cupboard space, hard wearing bench tops and modern appliances. Kitchens should be bright and vibrant, so lighting is essential. Layout is also crucial, so ensuring an ergonomic design should be a consideration – no one wants a dishwasher that is on the other side of the kitchen to the sink, or an oven that’s located away from the food preparation area. Whether you want to simply upgrade the cabinet fronts and invest in a new benchtop, or opt for a complete kitchen renovation, your money is well spent improving this area best you can.

Minor alterations

Indoor outdoor flow. In many older kiwi homes the houses were designed where kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms & lounges were purely functional and compartmentalized. Modern families now desire flow where you can move effortlessly from lounging and entertaining, dining to outdoors. In many cases its not out of the question to remove walls in the older houses to increase light and improve flow.

Renovation tips

Are you leaving room for home buyers to add their personal touch?

Doing a complete home renovation that personalises to your tastes and reconstructs to you own needs may not leave the new owners much scope to add personal touches. If your home is truly rundown it may be better to leave it as is and let the next buyer renovate. This will make the home appeal to bargain hunters who want to renovate to their own tastes.

Or, if your home is in need of some TLC, look at the renovation most likely to appeal to buyers. A clean & tidy freshly renovated bathroom is always a strong selling point. The landscaping that is overgrown is less of a turn off for prospective buyers.

The key is to put yourself in a buyer’s position to consider what really matters.

Spend money where it will be noticed 

Hidden renovations like house rewiring or leveling foundations are unlikely to be appreciated by home buyers. If you’re going to invest in a renovation prior to sale your efforts should be obvious to buyers. Things behind the walls will not renovate to profit as effectively.

If you are thinking of renovating to sell, why not get in touch?



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